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My consultations are reflective of a process developed collaboratively with each client.


In fact, people who contact me to improve their quality of life are for the most part experiencing transient discomfort or difficulties, or going through a rough patch. In short, they are not mentally ill, therefore I do not refer to my clients as patients.

I encourage people seeking support to contact me for an initial commitment-free conversation in order to agree on the direction and approach for our collaboration.

Adults and couples

Initiated to the sexo-corporal approach through a training jointly organized by the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and the Geneva University Hospital (Geneva, Switzerland), I can identify mechanisms to improve couples' relationships.

Through fostering autonomy, assertiveness, and empowerment in a respectful and balanced couple's contract, I invite partners to identify toxic dynamics in order to modify them. Here again, encouragement, as well as real step-by-step progress, are key factors in this collaborative work.

Rates :

Individual consultation (50 minutes): 85 Euros

Couple's consultation (75 minutes): 130 Euros

Children, Teens, families

It is challenging to comprehensively list the scope of my interventions aimed at restoring well-being in children and teens, and improving relationships within the family.


Keeping in mind that each individual experience -- and above all how it is self-perceived -- is different for each person, here are some challenges that I am used to working on and addressing:

Sudden behavior changes that reflect inner discomfort and uneasiness (anxiety, sadness, withdrawal, loneliness, lack of interest for schoolwork, difficulty to concentrate, aggressiveness) or that impact physical health (chronic headaches, fecal incontinence, eating disorder, self-harm) are to be taken extremely seriously. These changes usually occur when an incident disturbs a person's life balance, such as bullying at school. Through their symptoms, youth usually exhibit a dysfunctional or suddenly-occurring change in the family dynamic (divorce, unemployed parent, birth of a sibling, move, death of a loved one) which need to be addressed.


Alert parents allow for early interventions marked by kindness and flexibility to readjust the relationship and reestablish harmony.



Individual consultation (50 minutes): 85 Euros

Possibility of a first session of 30 minutes (children only): 60 Euros

Parent(s)/child consultation (60 to 75 minutes): 110 and 130 Euros

parental Guidance

Situations of paralysis or power struggles that damage the family atmosphere can jeopardize the relationship between children and parents, leaving the latter feeling powerless and helpless.


A few sessions can usually help identify what is at play and improve a damaged family atmosphere and restore harmony.


Positive Discipline is a non-judgmental approach and a powerful tool that offers -- through role-play or experiential learning -- an opportunity to understand the child's experience (feelings, thoughts, and decisions) in a revealing manner.


My training and experience as a parent educator can help you in this area.


Individual consultation (50 minutes): 85 Euros

Support in expatriation and moving/living abroad

Living abroad exposes people to new situations and can be a stressful or anxiety-inducing situation.

It can be helpful to think and reflect on the consequences of one's choices in order to benefit and learn from the experience as much as possible. I can be of counsel along this path and help clients weigh the pros and cons in order to make informed decisions tailored to each issue and situation. My contribution can be particularly helpful in the following situations:

  • culture shock

  • uprooting

  • cultural adjustment

  • starting a family in an international context

  • maintaining close relationships with children from a previous marriage despite distance

  • supporting children torn between two countries as a result of divorce

  • raising "third culture kids"

  • emphasizing the mother tongue versus the local language

  • choosing (or not) an immersion school, according to one's life project

  • preserving one's cultural identity

  • maintaining a connection to the culture of origin

  • reverse culture shock.


Individual consultation (50 minutes): 85 Euros

EXCLUSIVELY remote online sessions* 

Digital technologies such as FaceTime, Google Meet, Teams, and WhatsApp have proven to be reliable tools for my clients and enable us to virtually meet when they travel for work, or move to another town or country (work-related travel, moving, separated family, expatriation etc.). Over the course of a first session, I establish with my client a rigorous framework to ensure they have a safe and appropriate environment so that I can provide high-quality consultation services. Having worked via video consultation for the past 20 years, this experience has allowed me to create a comfortable therapeutic context for my clients.


Individual consultation (50 minutes): 85 Euros

*Exceptionally, certain consultations can be scheduled in the 17th arrondissement cabinet where I practiced previously.

Contact me

For any service, please visit the Contact page to reach out to me directly.

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